July 22, 2014

Nuunbassador Hood to Coast Check-in

Exactly one month from today I will be getting ready to run my first leg of the Hood to Coast Relay. I am still not sure what to expect other than I'll be running 3 legs and "sleeping" in a van.

I'm runner #10. My first leg will be 5.12. My second leg will be 6.81 miles and the third leg is 3.36 miles. I believe my first leg will be in the evening and ending in darkness. The second leg is very early in the morning and the third is sometime in the afternoon.

It's been fun getting to know the other teammates via our private Facebook page and through social media. I can already tell we will have a fun group of guys and gals this year. Our team names were announced a few weeks ago.  The two teams are: Team Nuun Energy Wild Berry and Team Nuun Energy Lemon Lime. I'm on Team Wild Berry!
Photo credit: Nuun

Of course the girls in the group are now excited as we get to start color-coordinating our outfits. I'm sure the guys are secretly rolling their eyes. Being the planner I am, I'm getting all my race gear ready. In the past the girls on the Nuun Team have all worn sparkly skirts. We decided to keep with that tradition and some of us will be wearing our team colors in a two-toned sparkly skirt. The talented Miss Katie at Chase This Skirt did an amazing job at creating our team skirts. I received mine in the mail the other day and can't wait to wear it. She can do almost any color combination you like.  Our colors coordinate with the colors on the Nuun Energy tubes. Here's a peak at Team Wild Berry's sparkle skirt:

The running is still going well. I'm slowly getting back into the swing of things and the knee is holding up fine. I had two runs last week that were over an hour. I'm carefully stretching and icing after each long run. In between running, I'm doing cycling and swimming to balance things out and to not overdo it. So far, so good. I may not be able to run very fast but I'm thankful to be running again.

So less than 4 weeks to go before I board the flight to Seattle. HUGE props to hubby and parents for holding down the casa/kid care while I am gone for those 5 days. They are the best! Nuun has some things planned for us but I don't know exactly what just yet. I am assuming it's a headquarter tour, van decorating party and a chance to meet a lot of the staff in person and beg them to tell me what the next flavor will be. I also know about a couple of the "goodies" we are getting (because they needed sizes) and I'm so excited to see and wear those items.

Here is the link-up. Be sure and check throughout the week as the ambassadors continue to add their blogs.

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July 16, 2014

39 things

This post was meant to be done on my 39th Birthday (several weeks ago). However life got in the way so here goes:

Happy 39th Birthday to me!

39 things that make me happy:
  1. Hearing my youngest son's voice yell "Mommy I missed you SO much" when I walk in the door, even though I have only been gone 20 minutes.
  2. The excitement in my oldest son's voice when he describes his art pictures to me.
  3. Hubby bringing me home all the gossip magazines he picks up off the airplane. 
  4. Having sweet friends who will text you and say "I'm coming to pick your kids up tomorrow so you can have a break and my kids can be entertained."
  5. The gentle whimper noises my yellow lab makes when I have been gone a really long time.
  6. Having an amazing husband who supports my crazy ideas and picks me up when I am down in the dumps.
  7. Living just a few miles away from my Mom, Dad and Grandma. (Yes this really does make me happy)
  8. Ace Hard Cider.
  9. Strong pungent cheese.
  10. Camping trips in our family rv.
  11. A Lego free floor.
  12. Mountain biking with my man leading the way. That way I can check out his strong legs and butt. (I can picture him turning red reading this).
  13. Afternoon monsoons.
  14. Those rare moments just before bed-time when my oldest really opens up to me about how he's feeling.
  15. Green grass in the backyard.
  16. Pad Thai and coconut soup.
  17. Girls Nights Out.
  18. Shaved Ice drizzled with condensed milk.
  19. Climbing into bed at 9:00 pm and spending and hour reading under the covers.
  20. A long hot shower on a cold day.
  21. Creating playlists for my spin classes.
  22. Having a close relationship with my brother.
  23. Funny someecards.
  24. Workout clothes.
  25. New tennis shoes.
  26. Race bibs and blingy medals.
  27. Coconut body lotion.
  28. Hubby in his pilot uniform.
  29. Twitter.
  30. Clean sheets.
  31. Dry red wine at a perfect temperature of 60 degrees.
  32. Just Dance on the Wii with my kids.
  33. The feeling you get after a long bike ride or run.
  34. Hotel rooms with amazing views.
  35. Race expos.
  36. Having a job that you love to do.
  37. Deep belly laughs that come from my kids.
  38. A really good fresh salad bar with endless amounts of toppings.
  39. The anticipation of what 40 will bring! 

July 15, 2014

Tri Talk Tuesday- Race Day Fuel

Here is another installment of the Tri Talk Tuesday series. This week we are discussing race day fuel and nutrition. I encourage you to link up if you have any tips or ideas you would like to share.

I'm a creature of habit. I tend to eat the same thing before and during a race. I do so because I know what works for my body. I don't want to risk having stomach problems on a day I have been waiting for, for so long. One rule of thumb is to always do your experimenting with different foods before race day.

My breakfast of choice consists of: oatmeal with banana slices, a scoop of nut butter, one glass of water and later (while setting up my transition area) a Luna bar. I do this for every race and never feel hungry. The oatmeal stays with me and the peanut butter gives me a little bit of protein that is easily digestible.

Race day nutrition is individual for all triathletes. By no means am I saying you should eat exactly this way, I just know what works for my body. Of course you will already know what works for you since you will have practiced prior to race morning. 

Another tip I follow is fueling well during the days leading up to the race. And don't overload the night before, it may just give you a stomach-ache the next morning especially if you are not used to eating that much. My biggest meal is usually done a few days before the race with plenty of electrolytes (Nuun) all week. And NO alcohol that week. The night before a race I almost always have a small amount of protein such as lean chicken, a salad or roasted veggies and a sweet potato or rice. This meal sits well with me and is my own comfort food.

So in a nutshell, fuel yourself wisely before, after and during your big event. I am not a nutritionist so any specific questions about diet should be directed toward a trained professional. I just love to share what works for me!

What are some of the ways you fuel prior to a big race?