June 29, 2015

40 Beginner Triathlon Tips

40 for 40.

Today is my 40th birthday. In honor of turning the big 4-0, I thought I would post 40 of my favorite triathlon tips of all time and what every beginner triathlete should know. Enjoy and happy training!

1) Get a tri kit, you'll be much more comfortable in one.
2) You will be hungry. Eat well, eat often.
3) Train without headphones.
4) Start slow.
5) Have someone help you with your swim stroke.
6) Know what T1 and T2 means. T1 is the transition between exiting the swim and starting the run. T2 is the transition between exiting the bike course and starting the run.
7) Wear your timing chip on your left leg to avoid getting caught in your bike gears.
8) Make sure you have caps on the end of your handlebars to avoid disqualification.
9) Bring 2 pairs of swim goggles.
10) Race number should be worn during the bike and run
11) Count how many rows back your bike transition is set up. 
12) Do not tie a balloon to your bike.
13) Balance your helmet and glasses on your handle bar so you don't forget them.
14) When passing someone on the bike yell on your left to avoid collisions.
15) Two bike bottles in case you drop one.
16) Don't be afraid to ask people questions on race day.
17) Nothing new on race day.
18) Study the course maps prior to race day.
19) Waterproof sunscreen.
20) Tinted goggles if swimming in the morning heading East.
21) Lay out all your gear the night before you race. 
22) Bonus points if you post to Instagram!
23) When setting up your transition area, lay your items out according to order of event.
24) Buy a race belt (prior to race) for your bib number.
25) Prior to setting up for transition make sure your bike is in a low gear.
26) Prior to putting on your wetsuit, lube ankles, wrists, and neck generously for easy removal.
27) Buckle your helmet strap prior to exiting the transition area to avoid disqualification.
28) Start fueling for your race the week before. Eat a proper balance of carbs and protein and be sure to hydrate!
29) Replace the shoelaces in your running shoes with elastic quick laces.
30) Know how to fix a flat tire. Then practice at least three more times!
31) Know what a brick workout is. (It's a double workout usually consisting of a bike ride immediately followed by a run).
32) During training it's a good idea to incorporate brick sessions.
33) Never say, you'll never do (an Ironman, Half, Olympic etc)  distance race.
34) Practice a few open water sessions wearing your wetsuit.
35) If a race requires you to enter the water by jumping of a step, dock, boat or ledge...be sure and place your hand over your goggles to avoid them ripping off upon impact.
36) If racing long distances it's a wise idea to call your local bike shop and schedule a bike fit.
37) Several weeks out from your race it's a good idea to schedule a tune-up with your local bike shop.
38) Always wear glasses when riding your bike. You never know what will get kicked up from passing cars.
39) Join a local triathlon club. Not only will you make new friends but those folks' are the perfect people to solicit advice from!
40) Finally, have fun. Because if you are not having fun then why bother?

Any tips or advice you can add for beginner triathletes?

May 17, 2015

Is the blog dead?

My last post was almost a month ago. And before that I went way too long in between posts. The blog is on hiatus. The blog is the lowest of my priorities right now and I apologize if I do have a few readers left. School is ending soon and things are about to get really busy around here. My Ironman training is in full gear and that has me going like the Energizer bunny! Sometimes I go to bed at night and think "oh I really should get around to blogging." But now I'm putting that aside. I'm not going to lose sleep on a simple blog post. I admit I wanted my blog to grow this year and had full intentions of trying to make it happen but I thought, "Why?" So I could get more readers? Maybe. So I could get more sponsored posts? not interested. Make money? nope.

But I know some of you would like to check in to see how my training is going so I promise to at least post once a month to report some updates. Here is a brief rundown of what's going on:

  • The six month mark to Ironman Arizona was a few days ago. This is show-time! No more goofing off, it's time to get cracking. I've enlisted the help of a coach. Her name is Amy with Pure Bravery. We seem to click really well and she's even had to talk me down off the ledge a few times and is always reassuring. I like that in a coach. I think we will have a great relationship over the next few months.
  • She's got me on a plan which currently has me swimming a few times a week, running 2-3 times a week and biking another 2-3 times a week. Now this is still very early on in my training. I'm only in week 3 (of 25). So I can expect to see some long days starting right around the time the kids go back to school in August. I been told that I should be prepared to drop the kids off at school, grab my bike and ride for about 6-7 hours while they are at school. It's overwhelming to think about but I have to trust in my training schedule to get me there.
Last weeks schedule looked like this:
Monday: Rest day
Tuesday: Swim 2200 yards (sets) followed by a 30 min run
Wednesday: 1 hour spin, followed by 30 minutes of core strength
Thursday: Swim 2200 yards (sets)
Friday: Bike 1 hour
Saturday: Run 3 miles, Bike 1 hour, Run 3 miles consecutive (brick)
Sunday: Swim 2200 yards (sets)
  • My fundraising for Team IMF is going great! I am proud to say that I hit the $2500 mark yesterday. Yahoo! A giant heartfelt THANK YOU goes out to my friends and family members who have donated so far. I could not have done it without your support. I'll have a lot of time out on the course by myself during IMAZ and know that I will be thinking of each and every one of you. The entire team so far has raised a total of $112K for the Arizona community. That is pretty darn awesome!
  • Update on the kids: This is the last week of school. D graduated from preschool last week and had a cute little ceremony.  T is just finishing up third grade. We have got lots of fun activities planned for the summer so they will be plenty busy. I better not hear any "I'm bored's!" 
  • One last thing...I still plan to keep my blog's Facebook page and Instagram account up and running. In fact I am learning to LOVE LOVE LOVE Instagram. If you can please give me a follow on my Mom Who TRIs account. Since I won't be blogging as much I hope to post at least once a day on those accounts.

As I enter into the summer months, I will be reminded of this quote. Do you agree? 

April 30, 2015

Fit Fabulous Gear Swap

Last month I participated in a really fun exchange. It was called the Fit Fabulous Gear Swap. We all have fitness gear or items we love so why not share the wealth? What happens with this swap is that you get paired up with another fitness blogger and you mail your partner around $20 worth of fabulous gear. It can be anything...as long as it is fitness related. I was paired up with Mary Beth from Tutus and Tennies, go ahead and check out her blog to see what I sent her in her box. I sent her a box of items I knew she could use for her half marathon training. Go MB!

I LOVE these socks! She said she saw them and thought of me! How sweet.
Do this sound like fun? You can sign up at the Bendiful Blog prior to the 5th of each month. Check out the posts in the link-up to see what other gear was exchanged between the bloggers!

The Fabulous Fit Gear Swap! Readers, bloggers and fitness enthusiasts alike sign up today for May!

So how does it work? 
  • Each month you can sign up for the gear swap. You will be matched with another swapper. You will purchase $20 worth of gear that you think your swapper would like. (if they are into YOGA DO NOT buy them Crossfit gear, please)  It’s a great way to share your favorite items with people who are also interested in great gear.
  • You MUST sign up through the form by the 5th of the month, and agree to ship your gear out by the 15th of the month.
  • You will email your match and get an idea of their workout gear likes and dislikes, ask for sizing if you plan to look for apparel, no one wants gear that doesn’t fit.
  • The Best part YOU will also receive a package each month from your match!
  • Get great gear and meet some new friends throughout the month.
  • CURRENTLY ONLY open to people in the United States.
  • On the last day of the month, you can share (Blog, tweet, facebook, instagram) your new fit gear with the hashtag #fabulousfitgear
  • I will host a blog link up here at Bendifulblog.com for all the blog posts!
What do you think? Would you like to participate? What is your favorite item of fitness gear?