May 5, 2013

Livestrong Iron Horse Bicycle Classic

The countdown is on for the Iron Horse Bicycle Classic Livestrong ride! My bib packet arrived in the mail yesterday and it's seems so real now. Just 20 days to go. I am excited but yet very nervous. It seems like the majority of the people I describe the ride to, respond with the comment: "Oh yes I know those mountain passes but wait you are going to ride your BIKE up them?" NOT HELPING PEOPLE...NOT HELPING!

Iron Horse Bicycle Classic, Livestrong, cycling

I am very grateful for my friends, family, Twitter strangers, on-line fitness groups, and former co-workers who have pitched in to help me raise money for this ride. To date I have raised $1365.00. It really means a lot to know I have that kind of support behind me. And speaking of that, anyone want to come run behind me and push my bike up the passes?

The training has been going well. I am trying to get in several long rides a week. So far my longest ride has been around 35 miles. Yes it's not 50 but on both those rides I was able to get off the bike a run immediately after so I am basing it on the fact that I will have enough energy to make it the entire distance. I have also been practicing hills. I am slow at the hills but am lucky that we have some serious hills around here to climb (our street being one of them).

I purchased and was fitted for a new saddle on my bike several months ago and invested in a really good pair of bike shorts. So far it's made a huge difference in my comfort level.

I am guessing the ride will take me about 4 hours. That's a lot of time to myself. I know I will be thinking of some special people on this ride. One of them being Dina (who is no longer with us) and her sweet little girls. I know there will be times that I will probably want to give up and point my bike back down the hill, but I have to remember that she never gave up. In fact her expression she often used was "Game ON!"

So here we go Durango to Silverton:


If you would still like to donate to the Livestrong Foundation you can find my link here:  Amanda's Livestrong Page


  1. You are going to do awesome! Your ability and desire to do these races is so inspiring Amanda! The road you will be climbing has some of the most beautiful scenery I have ever seen. Hope you can enjoy!

  2. Sounds like it's going to be an adventure :) Good luck!!

  3. Amazing that you're taking this challenge head on. I love the fact that Dina is one of your inspirational points and the fact that "Game On" has so much more meaning is awesome. It used to have such a cliche meaning, but now... So proud to know you and know that if you do need a push up the mountain, the girls and I will be right by your side (or behind you..).

  4. Thanks Lotti and thank you for helping with the babysitting so I can train!

    Thank you Jane. Yes it will.

    PJ- Thank you for the very kind words. You guys are in my thoughts and your wife was an amazing woman. We all miss her. I am glad to have had a chance to know her. Thank you and the girls for the little extra push!