December 28, 2013


2013 was a year of learning. It was a year of many firsts such as my first half Ironman, first half marathon and first time climbing major hills on a bike. As a "back to middle of the packer" athlete, this was my year to try things out and to see what I can do differently in the years to come.

Lessons from 2013:

Climbing up to 10,000+ feet on a bike is exactly as HARD as it sounds and don't let anybody tell you otherwise. My ride this past May worked me. It humbled me. It also had me in tears and laughing all at the same time, or perhaps that was the lack of oxygen to my brain?

Take the time (away from races and training) to spend quality time reconnecting with your spouse. I admit P and I can get so caught up in our training that often times our romantic date nights all get put on the back burner. It's a constant juggle to figure out who can train in the morning while one watches the kids and who can train in the afternoon while the other does. And before you know it you are pooped and the day is over. While our Jamaica week away together was pure bliss it's not something we can do yearly. Next year I hope we can continue to spend more quality time together whether it's a short little trip away with the help of grandparents or a day of mountain biking together while the kids are in school.

Sometimes I act like a middle-schooler and should probably grow up. I've been in the tri industry a few years now and there are still a few things that make me crack up like a pre-teen: when athletes use the word "fartlek", someone wearing an aero helmet and the outline of a butt in wet white tri shorts. But come can you not laugh at that?

Embrace that nauseous feeling you get just before a race. You know the one where you have to visit the port-a-potty 50xs before the gun goes off to start? It's those butterflies and stomach acid all churning inside. But you know what? It just means you care about what you are about to do! The feeling subsides and before you know it you'll be wishing for that feeling again. Don't believe me? Ask any runner or triathlete.

Try new things even if it freaks you out. Mountain biking was something that always freaked me out in the past and I have been reluctant to do it for fear of getting really hurt. However living in the mountains surrounded by fabulous biking trails has finally rubbed off on me. This past summer I got a mountain bike and am loving learning to ride it. It's just recently connected P and I a little more (see above). He's so passionate about the sport and it's been great having him show me the ropes and all the trails to explore. It's also been a true test to our relationship as he has to be patient with me, I'm a slow and cautious learner. But he's been great and I am really excited to do the Whiskey Off Road next year with him.

I need to have a little more faith in myself. I tend to beat myself up really hard on the inside. I over-analyze things and can really be a Debbie Downer to myself. I need to stop feeling like I am going to fail just before every race. Sure it could happen but so what, I tried and that's what matters. I need to stop putting myself down and comparing myself to others. I also do this when it comes to my kids. There are times when I feel like the biggest "Mom Failure" out there and wonder what my kids must think of me. But I have to go back to that moment a few weeks ago when my son was asked, "what he was most grateful for in 2013?" His answer: "my Mom."

As we head into 2014 I am excited to continue with my triathlon training. I am also eager to start mentoring a "newbie" to triathlons. Although I am sure she should be mentoring me when it comes to running. She's fast, really fast.

It will be an honor to represent these three amazing companies in 2014: Nuun, Headsweats and Coeur Sports

And I look forward to continue teaching my indoor cycling classes at PUSH. Every week it's been a blast putting together playlists and rides to entertain my students with. 

So rock on 2014!


  1. I'm basically forbidden (by the wife) from ever wearing an aero helmet due to how silly they look. Great lessons all around!

    1. Ha! She's right! Thanks Axel.

  2. You totally rock it. Even while you are learning new things, YOU are a kind and patient teacher, too! I can't wait to rock a couple of triathlons with you this year!

    1. I am excited too! Keep firing those questions at me! And if I don't know the answer I'll ask the experts (bro and sis)!

  3. Those are some great lessons. I, like you, need to have a little more faith in myself. We are doing the best we can, learning, and that is all positive stuff. And yes, who can;t laugh at some of the silly tri outfits! Best of wishes for 2014!