June 17, 2014

Countdown to Silverman 70.3

My 17 week countdown to Silverman 70.3 began last week. I admit it has me stressed out. I looked over the schedule and I am not sure what I was thinking when I picked a Fall race. My peak training time is when the kids are out of school and home all day. It also has me nervous about training in the heat. And of course there is still my knee problem that I am having.

Here we go.

Last week (my first week) I wish I could say that I stuck to my training plan but I wasn't even close. I got some good long outdoor rides in but I was nowhere near where I should be for the run. That has me concerned because I am still not supposed to run per my physical therapist. As I look over the schedule and see all these runs that I am missing, it has me worried. The only thing I can hope for is that I make up the cardio with extra swimming and biking.

However today I found a handy little machine that I used to think was so lame and wondered why people even use them. This machine is the elliptical. Since my knee injury is due to poor form, overpronating and heel slamming, I decided to give this thing a whirl. Of course my first thought was that I would look like this:

Did I look like this? Probably...but guess what? I did 45 minutes on that bad boy with NO KNEE PAIN! Lately the knee pain (while running) starts to set in around 25 minutes so this was a huge relief to me. I was careful not to overdo it and was pleased that I kept my heart rate high almost to where I am at while running. I was also sweating really sweating and that made me happy. I then followed up the rest of the workout with some weights and a long swim.

All in all my training is going to be a little sporadic this summer but I think the key is to just keep up my cardio. I don't necessarily have to run but as long as I am huffing and puffing and keeping my heart rate up where it should be, I can get by. I must let go of the negative thoughts and remember that it's all in my head.

Let's do this!

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  1. Exciting about Silverman in 17 weeks! As someone who has dealt with knee pain and has had surgery on her left knee, it's not worth messing around with. I'm not quite sure what is wrong with your knee, but have you tried kinesiotape? I really like the brand: Strength Tape, it's really durable and is affiliated with the IRONMAN brand. I have patellar tendinitis flare ups and I use it for that... also... I would try pool running to keep up your running fitness! Good luck with training!