June 23, 2014

Nuunbassador Hood to Coast Check-in

Today is exactly two months out from my Hood to Coast running relay on the Nuun team. I thought I would post a little update on how the training is going. This post will be a series leading up to the run in August. It will also be a link-up with the other Nuun Hood to Coast Runners. Be sure and read about some of the other Nuunbassadors I have the honor of running with. While I have not met any of them in person I have been getting to know each of them on a team webpage. Come August we should all be comfortable with one another and...well...if not we get to spend 48 hours together trapped in a van so we better be!

My running has been very minimal thus far. As I mentioned in previous posts, I am still in physical therapy for my knee. I was told to refrain from running for a few months. I'm not sure exactly what I did to hurt it but all I know is that at 3 miles knee pain starts to set it. The last several months I have been working with a PT who had me change my running form (I'm a heel striker and over pronator) so I am learning to run gently. I working on lots of hip stretching, toe strengthening and IT band stretching along with foam rolling. Technically my two months was up the other day so I decided to see where I was at with the pain.  I set off for a light jog to test my knee out. It's always hard coming back after an injury because it's almost like you are waiting for something to happen and it makes you even more nervous. As I ran I got to the 3 mile mark and to my surprise I felt great! No knee pain so I went another 1/2 a mile. I stopped there so I didn't over do it. I was so incredibly relieved.

While I may not be out of the woods just yet with the knee pain at least there is hope. I'm in the process of trying out some new shoes that are supposed to help you run better. They should help me transition to more of a natural style run vs. a clunky heel slammer. If all goes well I hope to share with my readers more information on these new, unique shoes (yes it's a teaser for a review coming soon).

I have 60 days until the race. While I should be worried at that little amount of time, I'm not. I was told I could do any kind of cardio except running. So you better believe I have been swimming until I have grown gills, cycling until they started confusing me with Lance and elliptical(ing) at the Y until I get yelled at for the 40 minute time limit. My cardio level has stayed strong and now I just need to get in the actual miles.

You can read about my team members here: Nuun Team. You can also learn more about each of them as they post their training updates in the links below. I encourage you to check out each blog. We have some really great members on the team. I'm incredibly grateful for being selected to run on the Nuun team, I still pinch myself everyday wondering if it's for real. More than anything I can't wait to tour Nuun headquaters, spend a few days getting to know my teammates, Nuun staff and most of all guzzling endless amounts of Cherry Limeade Energy!

Here is a little preview of what legs I get to run. I am Van 2, Runner 10. (read the chart across)

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  1. Sounds like you have a great plan!

  2. Good luck on the race! And if it gets too hot out check us out…Kryoskinz Cooling Patches (kryoskinz.com). We’re a small startup striving to help athletes everywhere beat the heat. Suffer Smarter!

  3. Great plan! I can't wait to meet you in August!!

  4. For an athlete, an injury is always bad news, especially once your therapist tells you to refrain your running routine for a period of time. It’s difficult, but it still a good thing that you immediately consulted your doctor right after you felt the pain. At least you found the best treatment for you, and still have enough time to recover before your big race. How are you feeling now, btw?

    Eleanor Briones @ U.S. Health Works

    1. Yes it is bad news for an athlete. But I'm doing much better now. I took about 10-12 weeks off from running and am back at it now.