June 11, 2014

The Tour Divide

Taking a little time out to recognize something very important that is happening on Friday. It's a ride called The Tour Divide. No, I'm not riding The Tour Divide. Do you all think I'm that crazy?

The Tour Divide is a 2745 mile bike, yes as in bi-CYCLE ride from the Canadian Border to the Mexican border. And the crazy one I'm talking about is my brother-in-law Brian

The Tour Divide can be done either riding from North to South or from South to North. Regardless it's the same amount of miles and it's completely self supported. That means he will take everything he needs with him or purchase it along the route. One major rule is that he cannot have any outside help that isn't available to every rider. So he can't sleep in his own bed when he rides through his town of Jackson, Wyoming. He can't receive cookies along the way from his wife or kids unless they provide them to every rider. Hey Maddy maybe you should start baking now! He will sleep outside with creatures in a small sleeping bag or he can opt to stay in motels along the route. 

This year Brian has elected to start at the Mexican border due to heavy snow pack in the higher peaks. He's hoping some of that will have melted by the time he makes his way up North. If not he will end up hiking and carrying his bike in the snow for very long sections at a time. Brian will ride for approximately 3-4 weeks, everyday, all day long. He'll average at least a 100 miles a day. He will climb and descend the equivalent of 6 Mt. Everests about 200,000 feet. He will carry a GPS tracker on him, which friends and family (or anyone) can follow him along his route. If you'd like to check it out he will be blue dot (BR) Tour Tracker. He will also have a way to send a signal if god-forbid he gets in trouble even when he is out of cell phone range. There are 138 riders signed up this year. Approximately 60% will finish the race.

I know this is something Brian has wanted to do for a long time and it's neat to see that he'll finally get to ride it. It's a grueling ride and we know that if anything should happen we are proud of him no matter what. So go ride and enjoy every moment Brian. You have worked hard for this. We look forward to hearing all about it upon your return. But most importantly, don't forget the chamois cream!

You can follow and like Brian on his Facebook page here: Brian Remlinger Tour Divide Page

You can also read more about the Tour here: Tour Divide

Lastly I highly recommend watching the movie Ride The Divide. Ride The Divide  is available on Netflix Instant Stream. It will give you an idea of what the ride is all about and what these men and women endure during their travels along the way.

Here are some photos of Brian prepping for his journey.

What do you think; is he crazy? Would you do it?

Yep, I'm out at "bear whistle" and "pepper spray."


  1. I would do it, but not at race pace and not alone. Sounds fun in a group with plenty of beer & burger stops along the way!

    1. I would do it with you, as long as we slept INSIDE. No ground camping for me. It wouldn't have to be a Four Seasons just a place that has walls! Ha!

  2. Wow that is crazy awesome! It sounds so hard but also pretty amazing. Tell him I said good luck! I hope you can keep posting updates so we can see how he does! And I might need to check that Netflix movie out now too!